What factors affect the inaccurate time of a Rolex watch

  1. External influences: various influences from the outside of the watch, depending on the working environment of the watch.
  2. Friction: Friction usually has both positive and negative effects. It has a positive aspect, such as friction between sub-wheels, friction between automatic watch spring and barrel, screw self-locking, etc.; on the other hand, the conflict will Lead to reduced transmission efficiency and wear of parts, thus affecting the timing.
  3. Escapement: The escapement’s impact is mainly on the balance spring system during the energy transfer process. The balance spring system can only maintain a fixed oscillation frequency under free oscillation. The escapement The energy transfer process will affect the oscillation frequency. Theory suggests this effect diminishes as the transmission approaches the balance’s equilibrium point.
  4. Effect of temperature: The influence of temperature is mainly manifested in two aspects: first, the temperature change will affect the working length of the hairspring and, at the same time, change the inertia of the balance wheel, which can directly affect the timing accuracy; secondly, the temperature change will affect the viscosity of lubricating oil, Affects transmission efficiency, thereby affecting the timing.
  5. Magnetic field: The hairspring most affected by the magnetic field can change its elastic modulus and deform the hairspring under the action of the magnetic field, generating additional stress. In severe cases, the magnetic field can cause the hairspring to stick, seriously affecting travel time.
  6. Hairspring balance: The center of gravity of a general swaying frame hairspring changes with the swing angle of the balance wheel. Under the action of gravity, it will produce a position error.
  7. Balance wheel balance: The balance of the balance wheel components directly affects the bit difference, and the static equilibrium of the balance wheel components is an essential requirement.

How to deal with inaccurate timekeeping of Rolex mechanical watches

The time of the Rolex watch needs to be more accurate. The first reason that comes to mind is that the driving force is not enough. For mechanical Rolex watches that are manually wound, we must incorporate them daily to ensure that the Rolex has sufficient exercise intensity. Otherwise, it is easy to cause the Rolex to go inaccurate due to insufficient power. For Calcite Rolex watches, the battery needs to be replaced regularly. Depending on the movement and battery power, the Rolex battery usually needs to be replaced once every one to two years.

What Factors Affect the Accuracy of a Rolex Watch?

First, under normal circumstances, when a mechanical Rolex watch is fully wound, its walking speed should not exceed 30 seconds a day, and it should not exceed 30 seconds, which meets the standard. At the same time, the accuracy of the travel time of a Rolex watch is also related to the way it is used, and travel time errors will seriously affect the performance of the Rolex watch.
Second, the speed of the Rolex watch may be caused by stumbling. Exercising vigorously makes it easy to make the Rolex watch inaccurate. The ground acts on the balance wheel, increasing its rotation range, causing the Rolex watch to swing and making the travel time faster.
Third, the magnetic field effect affects the rapid progress of the Rolex watch. After the hairspring is magnetized, the magnetism between the hairsprings can only be revealed when worn. There is a stickiness or short-term lapping phenomenon, especially when facing the front; the hairspring hangs down due to its gravity. The shaking of the arm intensifies its radial movement, which makes the Rolex watch move forward quickly.
Fourth, the speed of the Rolex watch is affected by the structure of the eye itself, and the displacement of the earth’s gravity, horizontal position, and vertical position will cause a potential difference. Affected by temperature, magnetic field, vibration, and other factors, Rolex watches will also appear to go faster.

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